Living in city has its pros & cons as we all know. One of the cons is definitely the hectic routine made by tight schedules: every day we have to face demanding work and family obligations and when the day is over almost no time is left for relax and chill out. Raise your hand if at least once, like me, you felt trapped in the daily routine. That was the moment in which I found a flyer under my door with written:

“sail carefree, experience the freedom”

I’ve never been on a sailing boat before but I took this message as a sign and I decided to try this experience and, involving some friends, we booked a week sailing holiday on a bare boat yacht with skipper (bareboat charter) .

A miracle happen: we started our navigation towards Pontine Island (a true heaven in Italy) and as soon as the shore line was far enough it was like all the worries and daily stress were away on the ground, while a new sense of freedom was joining us.

I will not bother you with the description of the amazing beauty of the Pontine Archipelago, I will leave  pictures speak for me.

It has been a holiday made of laughs, of sunrise swimming in the crystal clear waters of a bay where we were the only guests, made of chill out aperitifs on board at the sunset and boat parties with new friends!

A holiday of pure freedom, to go where you want when you want, truly enjoying the nature, the beauty of landscapes, the sun, the sea and the starry skies nights. This is a boat charter holiday.

The destinations for a bareboat charter vacation are endless and there’s very large offer of motor or sailing yachts to rent and the prices are for all the budgets: yacht rental in Croatia became more and more popular thanks to the lowest prices in the whole Mediterranean. A yacht charter holiday in Greece is a classic, easy to reach destination from all over in Europe. Mallorca, Menorca Ibiza and Formentera offer Caribbean-like waters, sparkling nightlife and modern infrastructures for boat rental. Italy, with its amazing food, impressive landscapes, charming fisherman villages and romantic bays suited for anchoring is the top destination for the yacht charter guests. Last but not least a yacht charter holiday in Turkey will leave you unforgettable memories of pink sunsets, blue waters, Mediterranean vegetation, art and exotic bazaars.

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